Located on Hwy. 1, the main highway from Canada to all of Alaska South of the Alcan Highway

The entire package: land, 15 mining claims and business plan is available for $1,785,000.

In the past Duffy’s was a Tavern with Off Sale Alcohol, a Café, a Gas Station, an auto service garage building and bunkhouse with a cabin and other buildings which have been closed for several years. Duffy’s consists of 40 acres with the developed portion on Lot 1, 5 acres; a small part of Lot 6 is developed as the airport and the remaining lots are undeveloped but plans are to develop with cabins, RV Park, Shopping Center, car & truck wash, on site gold panning +.

Duffy’s Tavern, Café and off sale liquore store entrance are located within their own 4600+/- sq. ft. building and are situated on a five acre lot (lot 1) along with a fuel island.

The five acres also contain a garage building for auto service and a towing service with a four room bunkhouse upstairs plus a 20x32 cabin, a generator building for backup power, and more.

Duffy’s has its own sewer system and water well along with residential electricity supplied by the local power company which may be upgraded for the planned businesses.

Duffy’s also has phone service and internet Wi-Fi service.

Duffy’s is located 63 miles from Tok Alaska and 63 miles from Gulkana Alaska.

Duffy’s is 266 miles from Anchorage Alaska and 267 miles from Fairbanks Alaska.

Duffy’s is 150 miles inside Alaska from the Canadian Border.

Duffy’s airstrip - runway - is on all the aeronautical charts for pilots (lot 6).

Duffy’s is located at 2,420 feet above sea level and generally doesn’t get snow after April.

Duffy’s has an outstanding view of Mt. Sanford and the Wrangle, St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

The June temperatures run around 80 degrees for a daytime high.

Duffy’s is located five miles from the village of Slana Alaska and fifteen miles from Mentasta Alaska with a view of mountains, valleys, the Slana River and the Copper River as well as the Wrangell, St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

We also own fifteen Gold Mining Claims, 2,400+/- acres, directly across the highway along Porcupine Creek available for gold mining and Gold Mining Adventures for Visitors to Alaska and Alaskans. A fair value for these gold mining claims would be $1,300,000.00.

You could own gold mining claims and gold mining adventures along with your own airport, flying service, air taxi, hangers with aircraft service, fuel service, sightseeing business, office buildings, apartments, houses for owners and employees, an RV Park, rental cabins, tavern, café, liquor store, convenience store and gas station, 4 x 4 tours on trails in remote Alaska (but not so remote either), jeep tours and much more.

OR - You may only be interested in one of these business possibilities.

We may be able to work together - whatever your budget or vision is.

If you want to own a tavern and café we can work out a lease.

If you want a convenience store and fuel station we may be able to work out a lease.

If you want an RV Park we may be able to work out a lease.

If you want to offer Gold Mining Adventures and Gold Panning right on the Main Highway in Alaska we may be able to work that out.

We would sell the 5 acres with all the buildings, roadhouse, cafe, tavern, fuel island and cabin for $249,000. The businesses have all been closed for years but could be restored. See “What Are The Possibilities”. Or, each individual aspect of the entire operation is available.

The remaining 35 acres including the airstrip is worth at least $320,000.00.

Several opportunities for a business could be available in the planned future shopping center.

If you want a Pawn Shop, a Thrift Store, a Bank Branch or Real Estate we should discuss it.

We are accepting applications for space leases and as soon as 75% rental is confirmed we plan to begin construction of the shopping center.

Shopping Center construction permits will be applied for after minimum occupancy is attained. Or, we will sell a parcel for a shopping center: pick your lot and we will discuss the price.

Duffy’s has been approved by the FAA to improve and expand the runway into the adjoining 100 to 220 acre BLM land which would become a part of Duffy’s as a inexpensive lease from BLM which would also be used for Emergency Services. What value can be put on the saving of lives after accidents or illnesses. Value of this land: Priceless; but at least $350,000.00.

Be certain to click the “What Are The Possibilities” page to look at some of our thoughts about the ideal uses for Duffy’s including the additional 100 to 220 acres of adjoining land to expand the runway for emergency services. Duffy’s offers enormous opportunities for someone who wants to start these potential businesses and it would be prudent for us to seriously consider any ideas, and we will. And, we will consider any reasonable offers.

To contact us send a letter explaining your business vision to:

Gmapa Inc. Duffy’s

PO Box 141005

Anchorage, Alaska 99514

To the attention of: Mac Turney

Or use the “Contact” link on the website

Phone: 907-822-GOLD (4653) – (this is a message phone in the winter)

See the next page “What Are The Possibilities

The Photos below were taken from Highway.

Duffy’s Roadhouse in Alaska



40 acres divided into six lots with several buildings; the highway right of way takes away some of the useable land and but there is still a lot of land and it fronts on the main highway, Hwy 1, from the US through Canada and Alaska with over 2,600 feet of highway frontage. Duffy’s has a runway/airstrip which is shown on all aeronautical charts as Duffy’s Tavern Airport and is on many road maps as well as Google Earth. Duffy’s is at 2,420 feet elevation and overlooks the Wrangell, St. Elias National Park and Preserve (1 mile south) – the largest in North America.

Duffy’s could be open year round or seasonal.

You could do small scale gold mining FOR 1-3 DAYS at Duffy’s on a State of Alaska Gold Mining Claim on Porcupine Creek during the 2016 mining season - June through August.

You may fly, drive, bike, hike, truck or bus to Duffy’s - our property  - near the trail to these mining claims.



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